New York City Bucket List

I’m pretty sure anyone that lives in New York City will tell you that there are things they haven’t done that they want to if and when they ever decided to leave the city.  For me, some of those things revolve around food: the great restaurants I’ve wanted to try but haven’t had the money/time/reservation to experience yet.  (Based on my previous posts I know that this is surely very surprising.)  😉

So I’m starting my New York City bucket list and will add to it ongoing.  Topping the list is Le Bernadin.  Bonus points if I can actually do that all too suave “sending compliments to the chef” thing to Eric Ripert.

1.  Dinner at Le Bernadin – Check! 5/16/11.  And it was incredible. Post on the way…

2.  Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Queens

3.  Ride the Staten Island Ferry (you’re welcome, Emily) – Check! October 2010

4.  Go to a Giants game (okay, technically they are in Jersey but it’s a NY team!)

5.  At least one more visit to the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy – Sadly, I missed what was my last San Gennaro as I was preoccupied with preparing for Italy. Not a bad alternative, though. 😉

6.  Guggenheim and Whitney Museums – Check to the Guggenheim on 5/7/11.  And it’s now my new favorite museum in New York. 

7.  Ellis Island – Check!  4/29/11

8.  Walk Riverside Park – Check! 4/30/11

9.  Eat at all four Park Avenue “restaurants”– Check to Park Avenue Autumn in September 2010.  And actually, it was just okay.  I think I can tick the other three off of my list.

10. Go to a game at Madison Square Garden

11. Bronx Zoo

12. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

13. Coney Island – This may be the last year for several eateries on Coney Island’s boardwalk, according to Grub Street.  Best be getting out there soon…

14. Water Taxi Beach – It looks as if Water Taxi Beach/LIC will not open this summer.  According to Grub Street, a petition is in the works…


2 thoughts on “New York City Bucket List

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  2. Holla Staten Island!

    p.s. I’ll also walk Riverside Park with you the next time I’m in town. Who am I kidding, I’d be up for most of the things on this list.

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