The Beat of Beantown

As you may have noticed, I’m feeling quite nostalgic these days, recalling so many lovely things about the current city I call home.  Before I moved to New York in September 2004, I was a resident of another lovely east coast city, Boston. 

I spent the last two days in Boston, visiting friends and working in our office, remembering how much I love this city and New England life in general.  Coming from the West Coast, Boston seemed so huge to me, and yet now I realize how small, manageable and truly walkable it is.  This place is home to several of my favorite people in the world, my closest friends from college.  Boston has its own rhythm, passionate, fiercely proud and patriotic.  But here are three memories I’ll treasure most about my years in Boston:

1.  I keep a picture framed on the bookshelf in my bedroom: a sunset over the water outside of a bar in Gloucester.  My best friend from college, Janet, had come to Boston to visit me the year after she graduated.  We drove from Boston up to Gloucester to see one of our favorite singer/songwriters play a show.  We spent the day playing near the beach, eating lobster rolls, singing out loud to our favorite songs and catching up on the past year apart.  Ryan played a great show which reminded us of his visit to our college radio show “The Beat of Beantown.”  It was one of the best days of my life.

2.  Summer 2003.  The summer before my senior year of college I lived and worked on campus leading orientation groups for incoming freshmen.  I was one of the lucky residents during the school year, living in a studio apartment in a beautiful brownstone as a RA, so it took a special experience to voluntarily move into a tiny concrete box in our freshmen highrise dorm during the weekdays of the entire summer.  Not to mention that on the weekends we were in a tiny apartment we dubbed “the closet under the stairs” and had an interesting encounter with a cockroach one evening.  🙂 

That summer I worked with an incredible band of peers and we all got incredibly close, being those of the rare kind that actually like to do ice breakers and skits and wear matching polo shirts for weeks on end.  I became close friends with one of my fellow RAs I knew only a little before that summer.  She’s one of my best friends in life now.  And I got to fake kiss an adorable man named George in our skit each week.  Pretty fantastic.

3.  The last freshmen orientation session of the year, a week before classes began, Fall 2000.  I’m an only child.  Never had to share a room in my life.  And then I moved into college into a teensy double with a girl from the Virgin Islands who promptly handed over a sampler of rum as a gift and proceeded to tell me that on St. Croix, rum is cheaper than milk.   (How awesome is that?!?!)  We then introduced ourselves to a lovely girl down the hall who in turn introduced us to a few other students and so on. 

That night, we found ourselves at a party technically on our campus but at a frat house belonging to another university.  My first college party.  My first keg beer.  But I remember walking back to our dorm that night, chatting and laughing and thinking that this was only the beginning…

Which is how I feel now, for not so different reasons.  🙂


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