Goodbye NYC, Hello London!

Leaving New York City on Tuesday, June 14th 2011 was much harder than I thought it was going to be.  When I left for the airport, the new tenant for my apartment was outside, waiting to go in and take measurements of the place.  Gulp.  When I arrived at JFK with three bags to check and two-carry ons, checked in and headed for the gate, it suddenly washed over me that I was leaving the only real place I’d known as home as an adult.  I came to New York in September 2004, right after graduating college in Boston.  I rented my first ever apartment with my own financial info (albeit with two roommates and a converted wall) and somehow survived those first couple of years.  NYC and I have had our ups and downs to say the least, but it’s a fascinating city that I hold in my heart.  I feel like I became an adult there and it was very hard to say goodbye to the life I created and the friends I made.

But now, after nearly seven years in New York, I’m starting a new adventure in a new city.  London is truly an incredible place.  I’m already loving the mild climate, even though it’s currently thunderstorming outside the window of my rental flat. 🙂  The people are so friendly, even though they keep making sarcastic comments about this city.  “Why did you move to London?” a man asked me yesterday.  “I love it here!” I said.  He replied, “You can keep it.” 

There’s an incredible history and culture here and I’m so excited to discover this city.  I know my friends will come visit me and that makes me prepared to fend off the loneliness that I’m sure will come at times.  And, I live in Europe, for crying out loud!  There will be so many cities and countries to visit from here, and I look forward to sharing them and my recommendations with you.  All you have to do is subscribe to GoodTravelerKarma to keep up with me!

Thanks, NYC, for everything – I’ll miss you.  Hello London!


© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2011.



One thought on “Goodbye NYC, Hello London!

  1. So glad you will keep us up to date on this next chapter in life! Love the photo at the airport, seems so perfect with the city in the background. And, I can’t wait to come visit, perhaps on a moments notice. Be ready.

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