Feels Like Home

The thing about unpacking is that it takes MUCH less time than packing.  My things arrived at 3pm on Friday afternoon.  This weekend I managed to unpack all of my boxes by about 2pm today, bank holiday Monday, after fitting in a shopping excursion to my new favorite street, Marylebone High Street, a pedicure, putting together my wardrobe, and my weekly grocery shop.  Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.  Also, I don’t underestimate the motivation of not wanting my flatmate to have to come home to a mess.

The shipping and pending arrival of my stuff from New York was certainly stressful – and a bit more expensive than anticipated when I had to pay x-ray fees upon its arrival at UK customs – and I’m just happy to have it here.  The only casualty was a ceramic bowl that was not a relic brought from Italy but one which luckily I only got from TJ Maxx for $9.99.  🙂  My wine glasses, all of my pictures and art managed to make it safely and for that I’m grateful.

So here I am in my newly decorated flat.  What I wasn’t expecting is the bit of an emotional tug I’ve had from the process of decorating my room.  Anyone who knows me knows that I did my last apartment in New York in a distinctive style I lovingly call “Italy threw up on it.”  🙂  When decorating my new bedroom, I wanted it to feel similar – because that mediterranean feel makes me happy – but different as well.  I didn’t want to live in a shrine to my former life in New York.  But the truth is, I miss my life there, even though I’m having a great time in my life here in London.  So my room looks different, but beautiful in the same way.  It sounds silly, but even having my bedding here, I’ve been sleeping better.  Then again, that could be because I no longer hear horns blaring as cars enter the FDR right outside my window, but I choose to think it’s because now that I’m unpacked, I’m feeling a bit more like home.

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4 thoughts on “Feels Like Home

  1. I’m glad you have all your stuff, including those lamps, which I wish were sitting in my home in Virginia. I do admit that they look better in London.

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