Strolling the South Bank

I had a friend in town over Thanksgiving and it was the perfect time to be touristy and explore some parts of London I hadn’t seen yet.  Someone at dinner recommended that we try a walk down the south bank of the Thames and then go to the OXO Tower for a drink.

We started at the Tower of London then walked across Tower Bridge.  Living in New York for so many years walking across the Brooklyn Bridge was one of my favorite things to do so I just LOVED this. 🙂  Tower Bridge is so beautiful and the views from both sides are amazing.

We then walked down the South Bank, browsing in shops and checking out the many eateries and bars.  After gawking at the outside of Shakespeare’s Globe (which I can’t wait to visit again later in the Spring and see a performance), we had a drink at the Swan bar.  Normally I think touristy, theater or museum bars can be major misses, but this was great.  Beautiful sunset views of St. Paul’s as we sipped drinks and endured the brisk fall weather on the outdoor patio.  Inside, a pianist and clarinet player provided live music to the diners.

After the Swan, we continued our walk past the Tate where a couple of sweet girls had a stand outside selling mulled wine and mince pies.  We were out of cash but they gave us a little sample of each, very festive!

We finally made it to the OXO Tower, went up to the bar for a few of the amazing and inventive cocktails and enjoyed the views of the city.  An incredible day!  London visitors, just note that you’ll likely get a similar tour.  You’re welcome. 🙂

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