Thunderstorm at the Duomo

After the Paradiso Rustico that is the Cinque Terre, we ventured to Milano.  It was my gateway back to London while lucky Becky continued on to Verona and Venice. (Um, color me jealous).

We knew we would arrive in Milan in the late afternoon and therefore had limited time to explore, but the number one on our lists was the duomo.  The weather was temperamental that day, but we arrived in Milan, checked into our hotel and booked it immediately to the duomo before it closed.  We took the elevator up to walk the roof terrace.  My first reaction was that there would be no way that you could do something like that in the U.S.  While we were definitely safe, we were essentially walking the edge of the roof of the duomo as clouds rolled in threateningly.

The sky opened up to a fantastic thunderstorm just as we were straddling the center rail of the roof.  We were pelted with rain and quarter-sized icy hail, but we were enthralled by the sight.  Black clouds surrounding the center of Milan but views to the alps in the distance through slices of sunshine.  It was one of those moments I knew while it was happening that it would be one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

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© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2012.


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