Long time no see, GoodTravelerKarma followers!  I’ve been busy but it’s been tickling my brain for a while that I need to get into a better rhythm with the blog – or at least post and let everyone know I’m alive. 🙂

So let’s talk about Stockholm.  I visited Sweden for a work trip in April and now it’s October so I’ll do my best to describe as artfully as my memory will allow.  🙂

The thing that struck me most about Sweden – being the country that brought us the wallet-friendly wonder that is Ikea – is how it couldn’t operate further from Ikea prices.  Damn this place is expensive! As a solo tourist I learned quickly not to order drinks in restaurants and stick to one course.  A simple glass of wine and main course (no appetizer, side or dessert) at a restaurant in the Old Town would run me the equivalent of about 50 GBP.

But that said, I had some amazing food.  Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries at Den Gyldene Freden and a little reindeer at Kryp In were my favorites.  On Sunday, as I strolled in the gorgeous sunshine and enjoyed some time in Stockholm’s lovely parks, I discovered some of the best coffee I’ve ever had at Sosta coffee bar.

The best thing about Stockholm is the lovely outdoor culture.  The weekend I visited, it rained on Saturday but on Sunday when the sun broke through, everyone seemed to be outside enjoying the sunshine in the public parks and out and around the Old Town.

A visually beautiful city, just be prepared to spend!

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