American or Petit Parisienne?

“Your ‘bonjour’ was perfect!” This compliment received after I said hello to the sales person then stared at him blankly when he either asked me if I needed help or commented on the dim American girl (could have been either one, really).

You can’t imagine how happy I was to hear this given I speak approximately four words of French. Almost as happy as I was when the waitress at the Café where I had dinner complimented me on my outfit! (I knew my strategy of black and grey would work!) But, shockingly, I seem to be blending in on this first day of my weekend in Paris. I’ve been asked for directions three times in French, not to mention I only went the wrong way on the Metro once and figured it out after the first stop.

I arrived in Paris at 1pm today, found my way to my hotel then had a lovely al fresco lunch before heading off to sightsee. My first and only time in Paris was back in 2007 but it’s amazing how much I remember about how to get around. From Montparnasse I headed to the Champs Elysees where I walked the length from the Arc du Triomphe to the Louvre. I stopped in the Jardin Tuileries and enjoyed the sun in a chair in front of the fountain before grabbing a quick sorbetto to refresh myself, courtesy of the Amorino stand in the garden. We have Amorino in London (I’ve been known to partake at the one on the King’s Road) and it’s lovely but this was something special. The sorbet was arranged on my cone in gentle spades to look like a rose – a work of art appropriate seeing and was walking toward the imposing home of some of the most treasured art on the planet.

After shopping to admire the pyramids in the Place du Louvre, I walked across the Seine via the Pont du Arts, and over to the Left Bank where I was looking for a place to have dinner. I ended up at Le Pot o’ Lait creperie in the Latin Quarter, a favourite from that first trip so many years ago. A blue cheese and ham crêpe washed down with cider for the main and a special crêpe with homemade caramel and almonds for dessert. Happy and full, I ambled down the Rue Mouffetard before heading on the Metro back to my hotel. My legs are sore already, I’ll have to make plenty more café stops tomorrow, you know, to rest. 😉

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