If they don’t have pear soufflé in heaven, I don’t want to go there.

Yes, you read that right. I said pear soufflé. But let me get to the rest of the meal first…

Michelle, my lovely tour guide from Paris Treats, recommended L’Assiette in Montparnasse for dinner as the chef studied/worked under Alain Ducasse.  When I looked it up and found that it was within 5 minutes walking of my hotel, I knew I had to try it on Saturday night. Particularly as I spent a couple of hours wandering around on Friday and trying to get a table at two other popular restaurants.  So I had the hotel make a reservation for me and I was ready for a memorable meal.

Unfortunately the only time they could seat me was 7:30, ridiculously early by European standards, and I was the first one in the dining room when I arrived.  That didn’t matter though as within about 30 minutes, the tables started to fill.

I started with a pea veloute, a lovely smooth pea soup poured tableside over crème fraiche, prosciutto and tiny crispy croutons.  It certainly lived up to it’s velvety name. For the main course, I had the cassoulet, a house speciality, so big it could have served at least two.  Duck, beef and pork meat swimming in white bean stew, perfect for a rainy night in Paris. And for dessert, the incredible aforementioned pear soufflé served with pear sorbet on the side.  Light, fluffy, and with a perfect pure pear flavour and golden brown crust that looked like a toasted marshmallow.  Washed down with a carafe of Cotes du Rhone, it was one of the more memorable meals from my travels in the past year.  The service was attentive and the warm, bustling energy in the dining room was a treat.  I highly recommend L’Assiette, but be sure to make a reservation otherwise you risk missing out of this little treasure in the Montparnasse.

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2 thoughts on “If they don’t have pear soufflé in heaven, I don’t want to go there.

  1. I’ll be honest, I kinda want to bathe in pea soup and then take a nap in the souffle. And thanks for the warning…too late! I am hungry.

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