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Anyone I’m friends with on Facebook or who follows me on Twitter knows I’m obsessed with barrecore.  I’ve been tucking, pulsing and squeezing at the studio on the King’s Road in London since January and my body is definitely thanking me for it.

My posts on Facebook have elicited questions from my friends, “What the heck is this thing you’re doing all the time?” but as a barrecore devotee, it’s long overdue that I’m recommending the workout here on my blog. In fact, friends and family who come to visit me in London can bet on the fact that I’ll drag them in for a session. 🙂

Barrecore is a workout and community founded by Niki Rein in London after working with Tracy Anderson in L.A.  The premise is using isometric movements in conjunction with pilates and exercises at the ballet barre to sculpt long and lean muscles.  What sets barrecore apart is the fact that it truly is a community: the instructors get to know you and are invested in your progress.  You’ll also often see fellow barre babes hitting the same rhythm of classes.

Barre method has been big in the U.S. for years but it was seeing inspirational posts from my friend Janet in Nashville at her barre studio that really made me want to try the workout.  I took my first class on January 6th as part of the whole New Year’s resolution routine and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I took ballet classes in my teens for about four years and I can’t tell you how little that helped me when starting barrecore.  Now, this workout is hard.  And by that I mean challenging, not spirit breaking. And it stays challenging because you’re constantly keeping your body guessing, using your own body weight and there are many adjustments to advance the technique. I remember only being able to hold a plank for a few seconds at most and now I find myself pushing further and further each time.

My new favorite is barreDANCE which starts with a ballet warm up of classic pliés, a high intensity session of abs, pushups and thighs and then moves on to choreographed routines. It’s cardio without a doubt but so fun you don’t even notice the hour long class whizzing by.

But the best part is, it’s the only workout I’ve ever really liked. Five months in, I feel stronger and leaner by the day and I look forward to each session. And the perky bum doesn’t hurt either. 😉

barrecore Chelsea
First Floor, Atlantic Court
77 Kings Road
London SW3 4NX
+44(0)20 73497500

P.S. Yes, the studio is in London, but you can find barrecore classes online at the website as well. 🙂 Enjoy!

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 Photos: © barrecore

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