Close to Home: Bubbledogs

Having spent seven years (the majority of my 20s) in New York City, I love a good niche restaurant.  And New York, in my opinion, does this better than anyplace else. Take for example, S’Mac (gourmet mac and cheese), Meatball Shop (self-explanatory) and Rice to Riches (rice pudding).

So when I first heard about a place in London that does hot dogs and champagne, Bubbledogs, my NYC foodie sensibilities stood up and cheered. (How very American). I knew before even darkening the door at this charming Fitzrovia eatery that it would likely have a distinctly New York feel, and it certainly does.  With the exposed brick, family style seating and vintage speakeasy feel, Bubbledogs would easily fit in the East Village.

The menu is a fun selection of themed dogs, and you can likely guess the contents just by the names: Jose (salsa, avocado and sour cream), Reuben (sauerkraut, Russian dressing, swiss cheese). Our choice was the BLT: hotdog wrapped in bacon, lettuce and – let’s all clap our hands together in delight – truffle mayonnaise. That truffle mayo was so good, we got an extra side of it as a dipping sauce for our tots and sweet potato fries. Our dog was served in a red, vintage burger basket which was a fun contrast to the delicate champagne glasses that held glasses of sparkling rose.

I brought my best friend Emily here on her visit to London.  It’s a great tourist jaunt, but would also be a great place for a fun date as well. Just yum.

70 Charlotte St
London W1T 4QG
+44(0)207 637 7770

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© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2013.

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