Nostra Terrazza della Coppa di Vino

When we first discovered our little terrace at the end of Via Fieschi in Corniglia, we were the only people there. That’s probably why we had no shame in drinking red wine from licked-clean gelato cups. (Who are we kidding, we would do that anyway.)

There were a few more people this time and we were glad we classed it up a little with a bottle of prosecco and proper cups, but it was still as beautiful.  Corniglia’s main drag ends at this terrace with its spectacular views so I suppose it’s impossible to miss it, but it still surprised us.  It’s certainly a popular place to watch the sun set, but when dusk falls, it gets remarkably quiet. Becky and I made it a point to stay until the people thinned out and it was just us and the local cats enjoying the view.  It’s a must for us in Corniglia after our obligatory perusal at the fabulous Fanny Bazar ceramic shop (yes, that’s the real name). Really, this little terrace is a piece of paradise in Cinque Terre. We haven’t yet befriended the little nonna who lives in the last house before the terrace, but I’m convinced one day she’ll invite us in for dinner.

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© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2014.


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