Good Traveler Karma –

Pass It On!


Sitting on an overnight train from Paris to Florence in 2007, my friend and I met a lovely Italian couple that was sharing our car.  After chatting with us about the stops on our trip, they recommended some restaurants in Rome, a city famous for being difficult for tourists to eat in.   It turned out that their recommendations were some of the most delicious and memorable of our first adventure in Europe.  We grabbed multiple business cards from each restaurant, gelateria and bar we loved and passed them on to fellow travelers along the way. 

I call it “good traveler karma” and try to pass it on whenever I can, so I’m compiling my recommendations in blog form.   Because I find that the best meals make the most memorable experiences, most of what you’ll find here are my favorite eateries.  All I ask is that you post if you’ve visited one of these places, include a picture (especially if it involves a great meal), and let me know how much you loved it – because you will!




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