Positano Perfection

It’s just as wonderful as the last time I was there. 🙂  I am struggling with anything else to write in this post because that’s pretty much it. 🙂

But, as that does not make good blog reading, I’ll say that I did try a new place in Positano, the bar at Le Sirenuse hotel.  It’s probably the most famous hotel in Positano, where the fancy and monied stay, and features prominently in the movie that introduced me to this heavenly little town, “Only You.”  The drinks are definitely spendy, but worth it when you factor in that you also get served dishes of beautiful plump green olives and warm, salted marcona almonds while taking in the most spectacular views.  I went back two nights in a row. 🙂

I also visited my favorite restaurants, Le Tre Sorelle and Mediterraneo, as well as the little Latteria up the hill near my hotel that makes the most amazing and huge panino with tomato, mozzarella and prosciutto for about 4 Euro. My favorite shop is Profumi di Positano, up the hill from Le Sirenuse, which makes lovely fragrances and lotions.  I stocked up with plenty for me and gifts for my friends.

I think it’s essential while I live in Europe to visit Positano at least once a year, though I’m already thinking about when I can visit again in the Spring. 🙂

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Non Vedo l’Ora

Before we left for Italy, my Italian-speaking friend introduced me to a new phrase, “Non vedo l’ora,” meaning “I can’t wait to see you.”  That perfectly sums up how I feel about Italy and the friends I’ve met there.  I can’t wait to see them, and almost as soon as I board the plane home, I can’t wait to go back.

Fortunately, Giovanna and I visited some familiar favorites for me in Positano, Sorrento and Rome.  We practically made a nuisance of ourselves at Mediterraneo and were treated like princesses at Le Tre Sorelle.  The wonderful Vanda and Annalisa at the charming Pensione Casa Guadagno truly treated us like family.

We visited some places for the first time as well and I’m happy to update Good Traveler Karma with the fruits of this labor.  A very special thanks to Pietro and Jennifer at Taverna Allegra in Sorrento.  Go visit Pietro for a delicious and entertaining dinner when you’re in Sorrento and support his musical talent and buy one of his CDs.

It was a truly memorable experience traveling with someone who speaks Italian fluently.  While I’m friendly by nature and always seem to meet people when I travel, having more of an insight into the language and culture of this country I love so much really defined the experience. 

When I visit Italy I try to do my best to exemplify the Italian mindset of living each moment as it comes.  This was one of the first vacations that I actually felt relaxed and satisfied throughout.  We slept, sunned and swam, ate, drank and flirted.  It was only when I boarded the plane home that I started to think about life back in New York.  I was truly sad to leave Italy and I miss it now that I’m home.  I’m ever more convinced that a life of an American ex-pat awaits me.  🙂

Special thanks to the people who truly made our trip once in a lifetime:

Vanda, Annalisa and the famiglia Guadagno; Enzo, Lorenzo and the entire Mediterraneo/Saraceno d’Oro family; Luigi and Giovanna at Le Tre Sorelle; Pietro and Jennifer at Taverna Allegra; Giorgio and the staff at La Piccola Maison; Giampy and team at Alitalia. 🙂  Grazie mille, amici!  Non vedo l’ora.

Ciao Italia 2010!

My good friend and often travel companion Emily just dubbed 2010 my year of Eat, Pray, Love.  I was just in Illinois and Indianapolis for Labor Day weekend and now, it’s official: I’ll be back in Italy in just a couple of weeks! 

I’m excited to again visit the Amalfi Coast which I consider to be the most beautiful place on earth.  I’m going back to stay in some of my favorite small pensiones as well: Pensione Casa Guadagno in Positano, Relais Amore in Sorrento and La Piccola Maison in Rome.  I’ve updated the Italy page to include the details on these great places along with some pictures of the rooms from my previous stays.  I love staying in small, family run places when I’m travelling because they not only provide an authentic experience but it also feels like you’re contributing directly to the local economy and the people who show such amazing hospitality. 

One of the best things about eating in Italy is the fresh ingredients.  I can literally taste the fresh fish at Le Tre Sorrelle, the gnocchi at Da Vincenzo and the mussels at Mediterraneo.  Look forward to my upcoming posts with more recommendations and experiences from Italy 2010!