I’ve had a fascination with Italy for as long as I can remember – I truly think I was Italian in another life.  You’ll find that this is the section with the most recommendations for restaurants, hotels and experiences because it’s the European country I’ve visited and loved the most.  Salute!


Il Messere

Trattoria Icche C’e C’e






Osteria la Chiacchera


La Sosta di Violante Osteria


Sienese Specialities 





La Piccola Maison


Pizza Rustica Birreria





Gelateria di San Crispino


 Caffe Pasticceria Giolitti


Caffe Tazza d’Oro


La Rustichella





Relais Amore


Ristorante Pizzeria da Gigino


Ristorante Il Buco


Tavern Allegra





Davide Gelato


Bar Pollio


Shopping in Sorrento









Pensione Casa Guadagno


Le Tre Sorelle


Da Vincenzo


Saraceno d’Oro




Other Positano Gems


Amalfi Coast

2 thoughts on “Italy

  1. I’m sure you already know this, given the savvy traveler and foodie you are – but Obika has a stand in NYC. My mom and I went when we were there this past Fall. Not sure how long it’s been there, but just read your entry on it, and figured if (for some unknown reason) you don’t know about it, you should :).

    • I’ve absolutely been there! It actually opened not long after my first trip to Italy in 2007, and I was so excited. I tend to hit it more on the way to the office more than anything for a cappuccino and a focaccia nutella. 🙂 The one in Rome is much more of a restaurant/wine bar. Love. Love. Love. Thanks for commenting, Tara!

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