Le Tre Sorelle

Via Del Brigantino, 27/29
Positano, Italia

If you go to Positano and don’t go to Le Tre Sorelle, lie to me and tell me you did.  It is definitely on my list of my most favorite restaurants in the world with beautiful fresh fish, delectable homemade pasta and friendly and attentive service.  The first time I visited it was because it came recommended by a coworker.  I was a little surprised at first because the restaurant is right on the beach and immediately I thought it would be too touristy.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Ordering fish at Le Tre Sorelle is a production.  You see your fresh-caught seafood dinner about three times: first fresh off the boat, second cooked and whole, and third de-boned and ready to eat.  I highly recommend the snapper.  The second time I visited I was surprised that the staff remembered me (and even the table I sat at!) and I was treated like family.  My mom ordered the lasagne which I can still remember the taste of.  Divine.  You’ll see the host, Luigi, when you walk in. Tell him Jenny sent you.  On our most recent trip, Luigi and his sister Giovanna treated us like royalty.  We split the fish and I had to get the lasagne.   It was just as delicious as I remembered. 

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