Via Pasitea, 236/238
Positano, Italia

We stumbled into this little restaurant looking for a place to grab a quick lunch one afternoon.  The lunch special posted on the blackboard outside drew us in: bruschetta, spaghetti with mussels in a spicy sauce, and a glass of wine for about 12 Euro.  It was delicious and we continue to talk about our fortuitous find.  Clearly a local favorite, the one other occupied table during our lunch time was filled with merchants we saw later doing business in a local gallery just a couple of hours later.  In October 2010, the lunch special was 15 Euro, but still a great value and absolutely delicious.  We enjoyed huge plates of mussells in a mouthwatering sauce that warmed up a dreary, rainy day in Positano.  The zucchini flowers are something special – don’t miss them.  Say hello to Lorenzo who’s often working the dinner crowd and his father, Enzo.  They’ll make sure you have a wonderful time.

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4 thoughts on “Mediterraneo

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