Lo Scricciolo – Pizza Rustica Birreria

Via del Lavarote 41 
00187 Roma

I never had an address for this little pizzeria and it turns out that’s because I didn’t have the full name until my most recent trip in October 2013. So here it is: Lo Scricciolo, which if my translator is correct, means “the wren”. But you’ll notice it more by the arched “Pizza Rustica Birreria” over the door.  And what could be better than pizza in beer a stone’s throw (or coin’s throw to be more appropriate) from the Trevi fountain.  🙂  If you’re standing at the fontana with your back to it, and look up the nearest side street on the left, this tiny pizzeria is just about half a block up on the right.  They have a single long counter, just a few tables and pizza by the gram, cut into a square slice and folded in half for takeaway.  I make it a point to visit each time I’m in Rome and it’s absolutely delicious.  Cheap, portable and a great snack while exploring the fountain.  The zucchini pizza is absolutely unreal, make sure to try it!

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6 thoughts on “Lo Scricciolo – Pizza Rustica Birreria

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  2. The old man in this pizzeria RIPPED ME OFF. We called in to have a piece of pizza on our first day in Rome and he charged me 17 euro for a very small piece if pizza and a bottle of diet coke. BE CAREFUL !!

  3. I just got back from Rome and I stumbled into this place and I LOVED it too! That zucchini pizza was insanely delicious!

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