Sienese Specialities

found at Prodotti Tipici stores around Siena


I highly recommend trying the ricciarelli, a light cake-like almond cookie dusted in powdered sugar and a specialty in Siena.  We stumbled upon these when shopping for olive oil and panforte, a Sienese candy, at the shops.  The ricciarelli is a lovely light dessert or treat with a cappuccino.  Yum…

Speaking of olive oil, I’ve continually kicked myself for not purchasing the fruity and delicious olive oil from Castello d’Albola in Chianti.  We went on a wine tour of Chianti that included a tasting at the Castello d’Albola.  While the wine was not as memorable as I’d hoped, the olive oil, which we also tasted on site, is something really special.  If you have a chance to make it to the Castello, don’t skip the olive oil tasting.  In fact, do yourself a favor: buy a case to send home.

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