Caffe e Parole

14 Stradone Arcidiacono Pacifico

This is now my favorite place in Verona. It’s a little spot right across from the Duomo and clearly a local favorite as well. The coffee is delicious – I had to limit myself to only two cappuccinos. There’s a beautifully painted menu with inventive combinations of fresh blended juices which is a healthy treat next to all of the baked goods. The pastries vary by day, brought in from a local pasticerria. I was much looking forward to trying the pistachio brioche I read about in the reviews, but unfortunately they did not appear during my weekend in Verona.  The “frittelle” bite sized doughnuts are as far from American doughnut holes as you can find, light like choux and with a little dollop of crème or apple inside.  The locals come in and grab a bag of 10 or 20 to take away. Pretty smart, these Veronese.

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© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2014.

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