Osteria del Bugiardo

Corso Porta Borsari 17

Technically we visited this amazing wine bar just off of the Piazza Erbe three times in two days in Verona. Sitting at the bar, we first tried the Valpolicella classico. At 2.50 Euro per glass, it was smooth and fruity – simply delicious. As more and more locals came in for their apertivi, we noticed that most people were drinking a sparkling rose. This Vigliacco became our next round and we didn’t really go back. Crisp and refreshing with tickling little bubbles, maybe we should have just ordered a bottle. 😉

The charcuterie and bruschetta is a welcome snack paired with the wine. We also tried the beef meatballs with polenta as a heartier lunch before we took our flight.

The staff at Osteria del Bugiardo is warm and friendly, and after partying with them on Friday night, we were welcomed back as old friends on Sunday. And, I think, we would be welcomed back every time.

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