The Blitz and Prohibition

Facebook friends have been wondering lately, what’s with the theme parties?

In January, the weekend before the big 3-0, I went to The Blitz Party in Shoreditch; a 40s themed party designed to emulate the underground parties during the Blitz in London in September 1940 during WWII in which the city sustained the majority of its bombing.  I went with a couple of girlfriends, and we all dressed to the nines.  Think french-seamed tights, red, white and blue, fascinators complete with veils, mink stoles and t-strap shoes for the ladies.  Service uniforms, flat caps and braces (or suspenders for Americans) for the gents.  Held at the Arches, through a nondescript door looking like the back of a warehouse into high-ceiled brick-arched space with blackout curtains.  In between imbibing period cocktails and dancing, air raid sirens interrupted the band a couple of times to more cheers than hushed silence.  It was a great night, and so much fun to try something different!

Upon doing my research after the event, I found that the event is run by Bourne & Hollingsworth, a bar and event company, and it’s held about every other month.

The company also holds Prohibition, a speakeasy event with the venue kept secret until about one week before (they should do the day before, that would be stellar!), cocktails in teacups, casino tables, the Charleston, and flapper and gangster dress.  With the Boardwalk Empire craze, no wonder this seemingly Yank event draws such a crowd in London.  I made it to the sold out February event after seeing they released a few extra tickets on Facebook – just gave them a call and secured some.

I highly recommend both parties – fantastic for a big night out with friends, birthday party or just a new slant on a Saturday night. Get there quick, tickets can sell out a month in advance!

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