Flex Mussels

174 E. 82nd Street
New York, NY 10028
(212) 717-7772


There’s something spectacular about a restaurant that specializes in mussels.  Multiple different flavor combinations with the fresh mussels of the day is the way to go at this gem.  There’s a location on the Upper East Side and one down in the West Village not far from Union Square. My favorite is the Thai flavor, which is surprising as the Thai flavor profile is not my favorite choice when dining out.  But it’s completely delicious with a tangy lime and cilantro hit.  Go with a friend and share two batches of mussels if you’re hungry and some frites. Save room for Zac’s (of Top Chef Just Desserts fame)donuts, they’re a must.

© Jennifer Konopasek and GoodTravelerKarma, 2011.

One thought on “Flex Mussels

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